Why Have A Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019?

What are you more likely to read in the morning; A newspaper or some post on your social media profile?

I am sure the answer to this would be the latter for most of us in 2019.

Be it even for the sake of news, we look to our phones to gather the latest trending news on apps and social media sites. This shows how our world is evolving in the face of technology. Marketing and advertising are a necessity in every business, be it a manufacturing business or a retail business or a service provider business; everyone needs to reach their target audience and build their brand through awareness and the right marketing strategy.
Today, any business’s marketing strategy is incomplete without digital marketing.

Let’s look at some vital statistics that point to the importance of digital marketing:

• As of July 2018, 52.95% of people use Mobile compared to 43.11% on desktop worldwide.

• 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority.

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
–Bill Gates

Looking at the above facts and figures, there is no denying that having a digital marketing strategy is key to increasing your chances of profitability as a brand. Your digital marketing strategy always needs to be updated from time to time in order to create successful outcomes. Technology keeps evolving there is a need to keep up with the latest trends to ensure sustainability in the face of development.

Digital marketing has been growing every year and gradually everyone is drifting towards this charismatic field to tap the potential of digital media. Therefore, the need for a digital marketing strategy is imperative to your growth in 2019. Without a strategy, you will be directionless as to how to carry your digital marketing campaign forward. There are various reasons for a digital marketing strategy to be in place.

Let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why you need a digital marketing strategy:

1. You’re clueless about advertising on the digital media:

This is one of the most common reasons why it is necessary to formulate a strategy for digital marketing. When you’re not sure of how and where to post on digital platforms; what to post and when, you need a planned strategy as to how to take things forward. Making a digital marketing strategy is necessary to extract the maximum benefit from your digital marketing activities. Your strategy should account for what, when, where and for whom. These W’s need to be the focus of your strategy. For example: If you’re marketing a consumer beauty product, you need to know which platforms on digital media should you use for the campaign, who your target audience is, when should you release the campaign, what will the highlights of the campaign be? All these questions need to be a part of your strategy while building the digital marketing campaign. This will help to streamline the process for your digital marketing to be in place and to function effectively.

2. You don’t know your customer well:

You need to come up with a strategy when you’re not sure about your consumer base. For this, you need to study your sales and consumer demographics to ascertain who your consumer is and where can those consumers be targeted on an online digital platform. Also, your digital marketing strategy will need to target the right customers well in order to tap the potential of the market and increase your sales. There is no point in marketing about a women’s beauty product on a platform used usually by or a platform targeting males. Likewise, there is no point in marketing about a children’s product on a social media platform used primarily for dating. Therefore, you need a strategy to make the best choice about your digital marketing plan.

3. You’re not generating enough leads:

You need to rework on your digital marketing strategy if you’re not making enough leads and conversions through your digital presence. This means that your digital marketing strategy is failing and there are shortcomings in your existing plan. Also, it could be that you’ve still not invested in a digital marketing plan; if so, you need to frame a strategy to capture a larger audience and tap into the digital market which accounts for major marketing in today’s digital world.

4. Increasing use of social media and other digital platforms:

Given the high rise in usage of digital mediums, there are various options available for digital marketing. You could post advertisements on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc. You could also tap into the field of videos with the popularity of videos increasing rapidly. You could channel your digital marketing strategy to incorporate all these platforms. A well-structured digital marketing strategy is required in 2019 with so many arenas and so much ground to cover and conquer. You need to decide which platforms to use, how to manage the costs, which platforms are best for your product or service, how to convert leads from each platform etc. All these concerns can only be addressed if you have a proper digital marketing strategy in place.

Conclusion: Invest in a digital marketing strategy or be a loser!

Given the above facts, it is certain that everyone needs to come up with a powerful digital marketing strategy in 2019 in order to enhance their business prospects and grow in the market. Given the popularity and boosting usage of digital media, there is no denying that any business who lags behind in tapping this potential, will be a big loser. Every business needs to tighten their reins and invest in digital marketing, frame the most impactful and tactful strategies to target their audience, measure the results to better their performance each time. With all the benefits of digital marketing, there is undoubtedly a surging need for a good strategy for every business to conquer the digital world.


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