Which Data Science Certification is The Best?

If you are someone who can view data through the business lenses, someone who could frame business strategies then data scientist is the new hottest and trendiest job available. Candidates with the right mix of skills and those looking for a future-proofed and lucrative career must gain the expertise in the field of data science. With the increase in data and the need to analyse it, data scientists are now in high demand.
Data science, which is a multidisciplinary approach has increased its scope in the field of health sector cybersecurity and provides you with ample of opportunities to grow. According to Glassdoor website, a data scientist with a job score of 4.7 and a median salary of $108000 is the best job to do.
With the increase in demand, there are many people who have selected data science as their career. So, the best possible way to stand out of competition is to do a certified course which could act as proof of your skills. Recruiters can easily rely on the certificate and you can get a competitive edge over others.

Here are some of the best certification courses available
1. Cloudera certified professional :

Couldera is a data management firm which transforms complex data into clear and actionable insight.It has been ranked in the top 5 big data and data analytics certifications. It is accredited across the globe helping employers recruit the best pool of candidates. After completing your CCA exam which test’s your basic data science knowledge you can move on to ccp which will rigorously test your machine learning skills, data analysis skills, and data development skills. For one to appear for the exam one must have experience of working on big data tools such as python, apache spark, Apache Hadoop, R programming, etc.
To get caldera certified professional certificate one has to clear three exams
• Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data
• Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data
• Machine Learning at Scale
Cost per exam is 600$.

2. IBM CE Certification in Data Science:

IBM is another popular choice for doing a data science course. The IBM certification gives you a digital badge from IBM which stands for your proficiency in Data Science. This certification can greatly enhance your job prospects.
Program details:
• A total of 9 courses including subjects and tools like open source tools and libraries, Python programming, databases, SQL, data visualization and analysis, and machine learning
• Option to gain hands-on experience by practicing in the IBM Cloud
• Access to and use of real-world data sets to solve real world data science problems using practical data science tools
• No prior programming or computer skills or knowledge is necessary
• Several assignments are a part of the program to hone your aptitude and practical knowledge
There is no prior knowledge required to do this course. Anyone with a passion for data science and computer skills can take up this course and acquire a Professional Certificate.
Cost: 39$ per month for IBM data science course at Analytixpro

3. Certification of professional achievement in data sciences – Columbia University

The university aims at expanding career prospects by developing data science skills. Location is now not a constraint as the program is offered online as well. Undergraduate degree and coursework on algebra, calculus, linear are the basic eligibility requirements.
Candidates for the certification are required to complete 12 credits including four required courses.
The courses are
• Algorithms for data science
• Probability and statistics
• Machine learning for data science
• Exploratory data analysis and visualization
Online application form for both online as well as the on-program campus is available. The only disadvantage is that the amount paid is non-refundable.
Application form fee:
• Online program – 150$
• On-campus program– 85$
Tuition fee – 1936$ per year

4. Machine learning certificate by Stanford University (course)

Machine learning is stemmed out of data science. It refers to the machine’s ability to function as a human, who learns from its experiences. Machine learning has plenty of opportunities for one to grow in the field. In this course, you will learn about the various techniques involved in machine learning. Not only theoretical but also practical exposure will be provided by the institute. You will learn from various case studies so that you will be able to learn how to apply algorithms in various fields. The course provides a comprehensive knowledge of machine learning and data mining. It is a very well-structured and delivered course. This course provides a progressive introduction to each concept and an elaborate intuitive description as well which will really give a deep sense of understanding even for the more complex areas of training.
Topics covered are
• Supervised learning
• Unsupervised learning
• Best practices in machine learning

5. Data science certificate – Harvard Extension School

Data science is a quickly evolving field. You can learn the latest in data analysis, innovation, and research with hands-on learning and top instructors at Harvard extension school. The course will provide you the opportunity to customize the subject of your interest. You can choose from over 70 data science courses offered online and on campus. You are required to develop a specialization in 4 subjects. This course is suitable for those who already have knowledge of programming – especially python.
Cost- 2700$ per course

6. Microsoft professional programming in data science

You can learn data science fundamentals, data science tools and programming languages in this unique program created by Microsoft. In collaboration with leading universities and employers, you can develop programming and analytical skills. You will learn to apply data science techniques to common scenarios, implement a machine learning solution for a given data problem, apply statistical method to data, create data models and visualize data using excel.
• Program details.: It is made of 3 units and a final project. Learners can choose different courses within each unit of study.
• 10 courses + final project
• 16-32 hours per course
• 99$ per course / 1089$ for entire program

One has to be careful and wise when it comes to selecting a course. Course fee, location, reviews, future growth are various factors which one has to look into before selecting the course. The above mentioned certified courses are some of the top certified courses which one could enroll for and safeguard their future because this will provide a competitive edge over others. Analyse you training goals and learning needs and then select an institute which could match your needs.
Make sure you spend your certification dollar in a smart way!
All the best!


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