What is the Future, Scope of Digital Marketing in India?

A very simple to the question is YES and with a certain affirmation. With the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s DIGITAL INDIA CAMPAIGN, there is no doubt that digital marketing is bound to flourish and thrive in the country where digitalization is sweeping masses rapidly. Digital Marketing is a growing field with the rising number of internet users and the feasibility of digital means of advertising.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, Digital marketing is the advertising of products and services on the internet and using digital means like social media, websites, search engine optimisation etc. Having said that, let’s look at some facts:

• India happens to be the second largest online market, only behind China.
• There is expected to be about 635.8 million internet users in India by 2021.
• Internet has become the fastest means of mass communication in India

What does this mean?

This definitely points to the rising popularity of digital mediums and increasing usage of digital media for advertising purposes. This also means that there is rising demand for digital marketing professionals with the skills to implement an effective digital marketing campaign. Therefore, we can easily say that there is immense scope for digital marketing in India.

Growing businesses are investing in digital branding techniques to reach a larger population and maintain a relation with the client/customer. This calls for a high demand for skilled workforce to handle the digital marketing activities for any business. The starting salaries of digital marketing professionals are attractive and there is a huge field to cover in terms of growth and potential.

Advantages of being a digital marketing professional:

1. Contribute to one of the most popular careers in India
2. Extra income on the side through personal projects
3. Explore your creativity and test your imagination
4. Make income using digital marketing techniques for yourself
5. Can even work as a freelancer
6. No need for any background knowledge/course in order to learn digital marketing
7. A suitable career option for people from any background
8. Can be carried out from one’s own home as well using just a laptop and internet connection

There is expected to be a whooping growth in job prospects for digital marketing professionals. In 2020, it is predicted that the industry will provide more than 20 lakh jobs for digital marketing every year. This ascertains a bright future for the field. Currently there are various companies that need digital marketing professionals; the demand exceeds the supply of talented and skilled personnel in the field.

Digital marketing professionals can work in various industries. They can find a job with a company who wishes to begin their digital marketing journey or some company that is looking for a digital marketing professional for their own business. They can also work in a digital marketing agency or firm that specializes in this field and handles the account of various clients. Also, they could find work as a freelancer and work on projects with various clients as an independent digital marketing consultant or service provider. There are various options that one can explore to find out where they belong in this industry.

The financial career ladder in the field of digital marketing:

• As a fresh graduate in the field, you can expect to make about 25-30 thousand per month in this field.
• There is also the chance of gaining higher packages up to 10lakhs per annum as you gain more experience of the industry
• Another aspect in this field is that you can always take on personal projects on the side and make extra income

Where the scope of digital marketing lies in the coming future?

Until a few years back, the highest potential of digital marketing was through using mediums like social media for marketing, blog articles, Facebook ads and Google ads. Today the expansion has covered various more platforms and the scope in future lies with mediums like Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click, YouTube ads, e-commerce and extendedly Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, targeted marketing, data collection and analysis for efficient and customised digital marketing strategies. These areas are booming abundantly and the scope for jobs and career opportunities are in turn growing massively.

Jobs to look out for after doing a Digital Marketing course:

• SEO manager
• PPC Expert
• Web designer
• SMO specialist
• Blog writer
• Content developer
• E-commerce manager
• CRM and Email marketing expert


There is undoubtedly a great scope for digital marketing in India. The industry is growing rapidly and the need for professionals is rising. This is the right time to invest in a career in digital marketing and take advantage of the lucrative returns. This is a flexible field with attractive salaries and job comfort. In this age of digitalisation and growing competition, digital marketing has made a place for itself to stay and is here to stay for a long run. With rapid advancements and innovations taking place in this industry, it is an exciting career to plunge into with promises of good returns on investment.


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