What is the best AGILE certification in the industry?


Project management has become a profession that is widely adopted and has a great scope. The individuals who opt for this profession basically undergo rigorous training. They either take PMP certification training or Agile training, both of which are highly valuable in the project management industry. The value and number of agile professionals are increasing drastically as project management has various changes throughout its development cycle. Agile methodology is prominent as it functions by cross-sectional teams who collaborate incrementally and iteratively to work on projects in a more flexible and responsive manner. The traditional approach of project development is not that effective as project development requires different methodologies because it repetitively changes. Agile has radically changed project management and software development. It has increased the demand for professionals who have the required experience and knowledge of Agile methodology like, Lean, Scrum, Scaled Agile, Kanban, SAFe, etc.

  Most demanded Agile certification and its value

There are numerous certification options available in the project management industry all of which deliver effective results and impart efficient and requisite skills. The only thing an individual needs to do is look through the options available, understand the difference between different certifications, and their importance. Below are the top agile certifications which are highly demanded and valued by the industry.

  1.  PMI Agile certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

The Agile certified practitioner is one of the most valued, reputed, and the best project management certification one could earn. This certification training is offered by the Project Management Institute. This course is for the project management professionals who are looking forward to learning agile methodologies and practices in their projects. The training of PMI-ACP consists of imparting knowledge of implementation of the best agile practices and methodologies to solve problems of the project and ensure the smooth running of the project development cycle. It also teaches the individuals pursuing this training about the knowledge and skills of a subdomain of agile such as Kanban, Scrum, Lean, etc. There are numerous job opportunities that will help the PMI-ACP certified individual earn 40-80 lakhs per annum. The individual’s experience is a factor that influences the payroll.

  •  Leading SAFe 4.6 training course

SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is a methodology which is usually adopted by large-scale Agile teams. The Agile project teams adopt this methodology because the process of Agile methodology can be carried out seamlessly. In this training course, the individual gets detailed knowledge about Lean-Agile leadership principles and the ways to launch SAFe in Agile. The individual is trained to gain knowledge of maintaining and releasing value-added software continuously for the continuous development of the project. The individuals are taught how to frame SAFe and implement it according to the changes and needs of the project which tends to change frequently. The career options after completing SAFe 4.6 training would be of Agile Coach, SAFe release trainee engineer, SAFe program consultant. The salaries would be between 20 lakhs to 70 lakhs per annum depending upon the expertise and experience of the individual.

  •  Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Scrum involves a set of practices that are utilized for the management purposes of agile projects, such as software development. For those who are using scrum practices in their project development, Scrum Alliance is the leading organization. The top 3 Agile scrum professional certifications provided by Scrum Alliance are Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Scrum Developer. Certified Scrum Master is a professional level certification which is one of the top agile certifications. The training in Certified Scrum Master consists of enhancing the ability of the individual in advanced practices, artifacts, roles, and procedures of the Scrum Framework implemented in the project development.

  • ICAgile-Agile certified coach training (ICP-ACC)

ICP-ACC is an agile coach training provided by its accreditation body ICAgile. The focus of this course is primarily on the mindset, roles, and responsibilities of being an Agile coach. Upon completion of this rigorous training, an individual is capable of many project managerial decisions. The individual, upon training, can differentiate between and among mentoring, professional coaching, teaching, and facilitating. He/she is imparted with skills that help to create a safe work environment with the Agile team. Mentorships skills are enhanced under this training which will be used by him/her to act as a mentor of the team and be responsible to facilitate agile thinking and practices. The individual is trained to implement the best agile practices to reach the optimum target or goal set by the company. The demand for ICP-ACC certified project manager is considerably great. The job opportunities would be of an Agile coach and an individual working as an Agile coach on an average earns around 70 lakhs per annum. Again, the salary may vary depending upon the experience you have and the company you decide to work in.

  • ANALYTIXPRO Agile Certification course:

Analytixpro is another top brand to be associated with for AGILE training. This certification is provided by Analytixpro and holds international recognition and acclaim. The course is top-notch and caters to providing knowledge of each and every aspect of AGILE methodology and its implementation in a real-life environment. The best part about this course is the access to hands-on training and real-life projects which really enhances the learning experience and makes an individual more worthy and capable of handling AGILE practices in the work environment. After this course, the individual is capable of gaining highly lucrative jobs in top companies as an Agile practitioner, Agile Trainer or Agile Implementation Expert wherein he/she will earn a handsome salary of about 60-70 lakhs per annum. This is among the best courses available in the market for Agile training and is a comprehensive and wholesome training package.


There are numerous certifications available in the market in addition to the five certifications discussed above. Project management professionals have to make wise choices depending upon what they are looking for. They have to opt for the right certification training depending upon what they expect from it. If the goal is to receive career benefits or changing the current job, PMI-ACP, Analytixpro Agile Course and CSM have a greater value in the industry and are highly popular. If the motive of undergoing certification training is to add additional knowledge of agile to your previous learning, then ICP-ACC is the best option. Opt for the best suited Agile certification as per your career path and requirement.

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