What Does Digital Marketing Mean?

Digital marketing is the advertising and branding of products and services using digital media and digital platforms. It is a paradigm shift from traditional marketing methods such as print media marketing or television commercials or hoardings etc. Digital marketing is a completely electronic and digital method of advertising and marketing. Given the growing usage of digital media and electronics, the popularity of digital marketing is increasing rapidly. With the rise in internet connectivity and internet users across the world, digital platforms are serving as very effective marketing tools and platforms for businesses.

Marketing is a key aspect of any business. Marketing is required by companies to create awareness about their products and services. Every business today needs some form of marketing and advertising. The conventional advertising methods and tools are costly and time consuming. This is another reason why smaller businesses and new businesses specially are taking advantage of this trend of digital marketing. Digital marketing is much cheaper as compared to any other form of marketing. Digital marketing includes various mediums, tools and methods and user can opt for any medium and create an awareness across a large population.

Overall, digital marketing means the advertising done through digital and online channels. Digital marketing does not always mean marketing through internet or through a web portal. Digital marketing could also include messages sent via text or SMS on the phone. These also form a part of digital marketing. Now let’s have a look at some popular and commonly used forms of digital marketing followed by businesses and brands to create awareness and attract consumers/customers.

1. Email marketing:

Emails are a great way of marketing. Generally, businesses/ companies ask people to register or sign up on their website. This helps them create a data base of users and their email ids which helps them send marketing newsletters and updates about their latest products and services. This helps them keep their customers/ potential clients on the loop and keep them aware of every latest development in their business. Email marketing is very effective if content is created well with attractive subject lines which forces the receiver the open the mail and read it. Thus, email marketing is very dependent on quality content.

2. Websites:

Websites are the most common and an imperative medium of digital marketing. A website is a pre-requisite for any digital marketing activity because most digital advertising mediums should redirect or link to your website to generate traffic. Websites are the platform to portray your product/service and create maximum awareness of the company through a single portal. Websites can be of various types: informative, e-commerce, interactive, engaging and a mix of all. Websites are the first digital presence of any brand/company on the internet. They are a very necessary means of digital marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social media has caught wild fire in recent times. With everyone always connected to each other through social media, it makes for a great means and platform for advertising. Social media campaigns are designed by companies to post on their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. All these platforms attract millions of visitors on a daily basis and thus increase the visibility of the brand online. Through Social Media Marketing companies also gain access to users’ likes and dislikes and can connect with their audience to understand their preferences. Social media also makes for a method for the consumer to interact with the company and voice their opinions about the product or service. Social media campaigns can reach a huge populace through sharing and propagating by multiple users connected over a vast network. Social media marketing also helps in generating leads and converting potential clients into business.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

This is one strategy or tool to increase the effectiveness of every digital marketing tool and medium. Search Engine optimization refers to the technique of refining your marketing content as per the keywords most searched on the search engine. This helps in increasing your visibility on the web and getting your website or your posts on a higher position on the search page. The higher your visibility, the higher the chances you generating leads and attracting traffic on the portal. SEO is integral to every digital marketing technique like websites, blogs, emails, advertisements on other websites etc. It works through most commonly used keywords in search engine for that segment of business. Using the keywords smartly can help in increasing your visibility on the search engine and thus making you effective digital marketing for your business.

5. Digital marketing through other websites:

This form of marketing is when either you pay someone to run your advertising campaign on their website in order to generate leads and get more visits on the website; or when another business pays you to run their advertisement on your website and pays you for as many clicks generated through their website. This is called affiliate marketing. It helps small businesses gain popularity by advertising on already leading brand’s websites.

6. Blogs:

Blogs are an effective way to generate leads and spread information about your business. Blogs are largely content and images based and attract readers based on the popularity of the topic. Blogs help in generating traffic on the website, generating leads and attracting consumers towards your brand. Blogs and its impact depend solely on the content being SEO friendly. This helps in attracting viewers on your blog and thus creates a positive impact on your marketing strategy.

7. Marketing through Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

Pay Per Click is a process of attracting traffic to your website by paying another party, publishing your advertisement for every time your ad is clicked. Google AdWords is one of the common ways of how this is done. You pay Google for getting top slots on its search engine results page. You have to pay for every click on the advertisement you receive. Even Facebook allows you to post advertisements on their portal and you can promote the same by making payment to Facebook. Paid ads or paid posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc. help in brand promotion at minor costs.


These are some of the popular ways of digital marketing and help in attracting customers on your website or your link. This helps build awareness of your brand and makes for a very engaging way of marketing where is you can even measure the results. Digital marketing is thus a rising and booming method of marketing, making it a cost-effective, smart and time saving medium of marketing. It is one of the most used mediums of marketing and its popularity is rising by the second.

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