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Analytixpro Online Data Science course training lets you master data analysis, Exploratory Analysis using Python, Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning, Machine Learning using AZURE, Descriptive Statistics, Probability, Inferential Statistics, Analytics and more. In this on-line course you’ll get active expertise in Data Science by functioning on varied time period comes in domains of banking, finance, etc. Get the top online Data Science course training from best data scientists.

About Data Science Online Course

Data science is an immensely booming field of interest given the internet revolution and digitalization of products and services in the market. Data Science is a study of data or information to draw insights from it. This field of study includes reading data, analyzing the data for information, patterns, inferences etc.  It employs the disciplines of mathematics, statistics and other computer science related techniques and theories like machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining and visualization.

Why Online Data Science Course?

In the Data Science online program, students will learn about the latest data science tools and their application in multidimensional domains like health care, education, product designing and manufacturing, sales, marketing and more. Utilizing certifiable precedents, we show how data science can enhance corporate basic leadership and execution, customized medical care and help you advance towards your professional objectives.

Data science is a field that includes measurements, data examination and its related techniques to comprehend and investigate practices with the support of data. It utilizes systems and speculations drawn from numerous fields like arithmetic, insights, information science, and software knowledge and furthermore from the subdomains of machine learning, characterization, information investigation, data mining and artificial intelligence.

The Data Science Training empowers you to pick up information about the total Life Cycle of Data, breaking down and picturing diverse data sets, distinctive Machine Learning Algorithms like Linear relapse, K-Means Clustering, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Neural Network, diverse improvement systems, and propelled idea in data science.

In the age of global digitization, we are encompassed by data all around. Inside this data are the responses to convincing inquiries over numerous societal spaces (governmental issues, business, science, and so forth). Be that as it may, the question that arises is  that, ” if a student approached a vast dataset, would he/she have the capacity to discover the appropriate responses?”

Our preparing and online training is focused to answer this question in confirmation!

This online course, as a piece of the Data Science program, will acquaint students with a bunch of incredible, open-source, apparatuses expected to examine data and direct data science. In particular, students will figure out how to utilize:

  • Python
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib
  • Git
  • and many other tools.

After completing this online course, students will become experts in analysing data and sifting through data to discover valuable insights within large datasets using python tools to import, explore, and analyze data. They will become capable of drawing insights from the data to create shareable reports in an organisation, which will help in the growth of the organisation.

Online Data Science Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to Python and SQL in Data Science

Download the brochure to view the full curriculum

Unit 2: Statistics in Data Science

Unit 3: Descriptive statistics, Probability, Inferential statistics, and Analytics

Download the brochure to view the full curriculum

Unit 4: Introduction to Data Science

Unit 5: Exploratory Analysis using Python (Data Analytics)

Unit 6: Deep dive into Machine Learning

Unit 7: Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning

Unit 8: Big Data Technologies

Unit 9: Machine Learning using AZURE (Cloud Platform)


Download the brochure to view the full curriculum

Why Data Science Online for you?​​

Data Science Online program enables you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of problems answerable with data science
  • Attack data problems from a statistical perspective
  • Gain a comprehension of when to use supervised and unsupervised statistical learning methods on labelled and unlabeled data-rich problems.
  • Develop data analytical pipelines and applications using Python.
  • Acquire a feel of the usability of the Python data science ecosystem and the various tools required to grow as a data scientist.
  • Become competent for higher paid jobs
  • Become confident to gain employment and access in and across all major Industries
  • Become a dynamic individual capable of making a Difference
  • Contribute to a Global Trend

Why Analytixpro for the Data Science Online course?

Cater to different time zones

With Analytixpro, we can provide online classes at any time zone. This is what makes our online course unique. We provide the classes based on your availability and comfort.


As an online student, you can avail our services seamlessly at any time. We are available and approachable anytime to solve your queries and doubts about the course of anything else.

Research driven approach

The course structure is designed meticulously with immense research behind each topic. A designated panel of Subject Matter Experts with a strong professional and academic record have worked on making the course content exemplary.

IBM Certificate

We are an authorised IBM CE (Career Education) partner and offer IBM certificate programs. No other institute can offer this. You will get an IBM certificate after the training is complete.

Industry professional trainers

you will gain the advantage of gaining tutelage from the best experts in the industry. All our mentors are certified & have years of experience; which ensures that apart from covering theoretical knowledge, the students will be introduced to key concepts on how to apply the knowledge in an experiential, real-world environment.


At Analytixpro, we provide the course at your convenience. We cater to your physical location irrespective of the geographical boundaries. You can take up the course from anywhere in the world and gain a competitive advantage through the best designed course structure, medium of instruction, outstanding faculty etc.

More than 80,000 career transitions in Data Science, the next one can be yours!

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Online Data Science Course – Pedagogy

Live virtual classes

At Analytixpro, we provide online instructor led classes. Student can view the video on his system and learn face-face virtually with an instructor.

Hands-on sessions

All the online classes give hands-on knowledge and are interactive, engaging and involve the student to think and participate in the class.


Students will be given real-life situations to analyze and introspect in order to gain practical exposure and experiential learning.

Peer learning

Even in an online course, students will get a chance to work in tandem with people across the globe, to form a group and work on a project. This ensures healthy interaction between students and creates a peer bonding for the students.

Case study

Students will avail the golden opportunity of learning from a plethora of case studies representing a wide range of industries. There will be no fixed industrial case study and student will get the chance to explore the issues and solutions to various problems.

Recorded classes

In case a student misses a class, they would have the chance to login and view the recorded session for that class and be on track with the course. This ensures that no student is left behind and the course is adaptive to the student’s convenience.

Data Science Online Course – FAQ's

This is a group course, where in we will make a batch of a sizeable number of applicants and conduct the class online for you. This also gives you a chance at some peer interaction and group learning.

In case you miss a class, you can always get a recording of the class session online.

There is no difference in course content and faculty teaching the course. You will gain the same knowledge as any classroom student. The only thing missing is the face to face interaction in a typical classroom environment. But we do our best to provide you an interactive environment with a group virtual class.

The Data Science online course is advantageous to those who do not wish to take a full-time classroom course. In an online classroom, the student is still able to learn the same concepts with the added advantage of flexibility as per their speed and understanding. This also helps the student save time and study at his own convenience.

This is done in a Staging environment and can be done as a group project as well.

The course is applicable and open to anyone who has an interest in the field and has an inclination for numbers, calculations, mathematics and data analysis.

The entire course is hands-on and is carried out using tools and techniques used in real life data problems. The software used and methods are completely industry standard and provide the student with valuable practical experience. As a part of this program, you will work on various exercises & assignments to master the Business Analytical concepts & tools.

The faculty consists of industry professionals with years of experience. All our instructors undergo a rigorous selection process, and are constantly evaluated based on their performance to provide the best learning experience. The mentors also work on real life live projects which keeps them up to date with latest technological advancements.

The timings are dynamic and depend on the learners’ choice. Kindly get in touch with our dedicated team to enquire about the available time-slots. You could also share your specific requirements with them.

Typically the online batch size is between 8 to 20 learners.

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