Must Have Digital Marketing Skills in 2019

As we have made our way into 2019, the growth of digital media is increasing by the hour. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram, every social issue has caught fire on digital media. More and more online businesses are opening each day with new websites, online e-commerce platforms, blogs etc. Every aspect of digital marketing is getting explored to extract the maximum potential from it. Digital marketing is the online advertising of products and services using digital mediums of communication.

There is a growing market for digital marketing professionals with more and more jobs adding to the industry. Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Technology Landscape has displayed more than 6,800 marketing technology solutions, with almost as many vendors. This is a 27% jump from 2018. With the impending growth, the skill set required for digital marketers will also rise. There is a certain skill set that can add to your productivity as a digital marketing professional.

We shall discuss some of these must-have Digital Marketing skills to help you progress into digital marketing in 2019 and sustain growth in the face of the expanding digital market industry.

1. Analytical skills:

Analytics play a huge role in digital marketing. Having good analytical abilities like probability, statistics and mathematics can help you gauge and analyse your marketing strategy in detail and extract the best outcome from your digital marketing campaign. Demographics, psychology and measurability add to the analytical skills. You should be able to judge the response of a product or service based on its type and cost. Therefore, you can devise well-structured plans for its digital marketing campaign to hit the right audience and gather the expected response. In digital marketing, analytics is different from web analytics. Web analytics concentrates on the performance of the website, which helps to determine the return coming from the website for the business.

However, in digital marketing, analytics goes beyond this and includes social media, email marketing, blogs, SEO, content marketing etc. With analytical skills, Digital marketing professionals can determine how each social media channel performs in relation to other channels, they can track customers data to draw insights to build better and more effective digital marketing plans. With analytical skills, the digital marketing professional can trace the history of each buyer to find out their likes and dislikes and use this to customise his marketing plans for each customer type.

2. Business acumen:

Another very important skill an individual must possess for digital marketing is the sound knowledge of business and its verticals. Any business functions with various departments and various verticals. Business acumen is the talent to understand the running of a business set up; understanding its strategies, products, services, resources, profitability, outcomes, consumer base etc. In order to excel as a digital marketer, you need to know how to stay focused on the business’s goals and prioritising those goals over your marketing strategy.

Business knowledge and basic understanding of commerce and trade will help a digital marketing professional to suggest the most useful plans and methods of marketing to the targeted business/client. Without having the functional knowledge of how a business operates, a marketer cannot comprehend the point of view of a business. Moreover, the marketing professional must know which digital marketing strategies and mediums would be most effective for a particular business.

3. Image Editing and Photoshop skills:

This may sound absurd, but the success of most digital marketing campaigns depend only on creatives and graphics. Therefore, this makes it very important for a professional to have good skillset in photoshop and image editing to make to attractive, creative and out of the box. Images speak a thousand words; this is true specially in marketing. An image can decide the success or failure of a digital campaign. The life span of an image on the internet is very less when it comes to marketing. Therefore, digital marketing professionals need to be proactive in designing new and unique images to support their marketing campaigns. The right image can help a brand take the internet by storm and create a lasting image on its audience. The appearance of your website or the colour scheme of your web page or the logo of your brand are very essential aspects in marketing. Every year, there is a change in the fashion industry; likewise, the fashion in design also undergoes changes quickly and regularly. So, one needs to be updated with the latest styles and patterns in graphic designing and image editing to build a unique image for the client on the web.

4. Marketing acumen:

Marketing is something that comes from within; it has everything to do with creativity and persuasion. If you have the ability to convince an audience, you can be a good digital marketer too. Marketing is the most important part of digital marketing. Without knowing the ins and outs of marketing and advertising, you cannot build or devise a successful marketing plan for digital media. In digital marketing, you need to be well-versed with the mediums of digital marketing, the current trends and methods in the industry, the popular marketing campaigns, a knowledge of cases that have succeeded and those that have failed to make a difference.

Digital media has a short life and in this short span of time, your advertisement has to hit the right cord with your audience. Therefore, a good knack for marketing and the aptitude to build an advertising strategy for the consumer’s mind is what can help you stand out as an excellent digital marketer. Innovation, creativity and consumer understanding can help you master the art of digital marketing.

5. Video skills:

Along with image editing and photography, videos are an equally persuasive medium for marketing online. 95% of today’s generation uses YouTube, while 50% say they can’t live without it. Videos are the fastest growing medium of marketing and helps in generating leads and also in increasing sales. Videos have become an indispensable part of marketing plans in today’s businesses. Therefore, to excel as a digital marketer, you need to have good skills in video editing, video making, adding voice over, adding subtitles, generating leads through video posting, working knowledge of handling YouTube channels to generate followers etc.

In the age of digital media, people prefer using videos to learn and grasp knowledge rather than reading about things. Viewers or consumers are more likely to see a video than read about the product or service. This also makes it more realistic for the audience. Video production skills thus, form a very important part of the required skillset to progress in the field of digital marketing. Professional videos or even home-made videos are garnering popularity. You must know which to use where, based on the brand, product and company.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers report that video helps them make buying decisions and 64% say video makes them more likely to buy. This itself is proof of the fact that video editing and video production aptitude is a must for a digital marketing professional.


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