Is data science a good career option?

Is data science a good career option?

Data Science is a popular and great career option given its growing demand and scope in the market and its applicability in every sector. Also, data science jobs have a lucrative pay scale and a good growth graph. According to the Analytics and Data science India Job Study, India is the 2nd most popular hub for Data science in the world. Given the huge population of India and the various industries that run and operate in India, the need for data science rises and thus the need for professionals rises as well.

According to the United States Labour Statistics, employment opportunities of computer and information scientists is expected to grow by 19 % by 2026. This is higher than any other profession worldwide. About 5,400 new jobs are estimated across the period of a decade. As the demand for innovative and upgraded technology rises in the field of data science, the need for skilled data scientists is also expected to increase. There is a rapid growth in data collection as well, across all industries. With digitalisation, all data is stored on cloud and computerised methods are used for data collection. This has amounted to large amounts of stored digital data; which in turn results in a heightened requirement for data-mining services and data scientists to sift through the data and make sense from it to drive businesses worldwide.</p

Let’s look at some of the reasons why Data Science is the most demanded career today:

       1.     Applicability in multitude of industries:

One of the best things about data science as a study is that it is applicable across various industries. Therefore, one is not restricted to a particular industry in terms of job search. Data Science is applicable in small scale businesses, both retail and wholesale, manufacturing businesses, logistics companies, social media companies, advertising agencies, healthcare sector, hospitality sector etc. There is no industry left untouched by this dynamic field of study. A data science professional has this wide array of opportunities to choose from and migrate to in this field of work.

 2.     Salary packages:

According to Payscale, the average pay of a data scientist is approximately $91,000 per year. The top 10% professionals earn more than even $120,000. This shows the scaling opportunities of Data science and the lucrative pay this job guarantees. Each year, the demand for data scientists increases and as the demand is rising, the package for this profile also in increasing. More and more professionals are seeing this as an exciting career option and tapping into the growing demand of the market to make big bucks. This is one compelling reason to choose data science as a career option. Also, there is a projected growth in this field and more avenues for data science to explore, which only indicates more positivity in the growth in this field.

 3.     Renewed technology and upgrades:

Another reason to choose data science as a career option is the continuous innovation and excitement that abounds this industry. Data science is a growing and evolving science and field of study. More and more innovations and breakthroughs are happening each day in this sector. As we stand in the era of technological revolution, we see more and more upgrades and innovations happening in this industry. Therefore, as a data scientist, one is assured of excitement, newness and freshness in their job. Given the advancements in this job field, data science professionals are privy to new learnings and new findings time to time; which spares them the monotony that other professionals undergo in their fields. This keeps one interested and intrigued as a professional in data science and makes this a great career option with accelerating growth.

4.     Analytical mind curiosity satisfied:

Since data science is about numbers, statistics, calculations, deciphering data, unlocking patterns and solving puzzles, this makes it a stimulating career option for those with an analytical mind and those who love solving mysteries. Data scientists are always engaged in thrilling discoveries and finding out ways to make use of raw data. This keeps them energetic, robust and satisfied.

5.    Rising growth and scope:

 Data science is a field which is still nascent in terms of its establishment. There are many more heights to scale and new pinnacles to uncover. This field is emerging rapidly and growing increasingly. There is thus a great scope in this field which is evolving, emerging and changing. The applications of data science as a discipline is increasing regularly. More and more avenues and industries are reaping benefits from this field and incorporating data science into their fold. This means that there is definite growth and scalability in this field, making it a thrilling career option for budding freshers, professionals and entrepreneurs alike.


 There is no denying that data science is an emerging, exciting and evolving field which is here to stay and grow! So dive into this field today and make your move towards a promising career full of opportunities!

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