How Digital Marketing will change in 2019?

As we have made our way into 2019, we have walked into the most digitally evolved year ever. In this digital transformation, we will be seeing various changes in digital marketing as well, given the adoption of new technologies each day.

Did you know that there are about 1,805,260,010 websites on the web. That’s like one website for every 4 people!

Just Imagine!

Given the saturation on world wide web, the avenues and mediums of digital marketing too are going to change. Every year, digital marketing budgets are rising higher and more and more digital users are getting registered every second on every online platform. In 2019, who can stay away from this digital generation? Which business can survive without a digital marketing plan?

The answer is NONE!

Therefore, as the need for it is rising, so are the trends and developments increasing with each passing year, to make digital marketing more effective, easier to use, more global and more adaptable!

Let’s look at some of the changes or developments that we will see this year in digital marketing:

1. Change in SEO because of changing algorithms:

Did you know that Google changes its algorithms repeatedly to give refined and latest search results? What does this mean for your SEO? It means that your SEO won’t work unless you keep updating content and utilising every channel for your digital marketing. The number of results on the search page are going up every second, with new content getting added. Therefore, SEO will be much more difficult and not just rely on content keywords. SEO would even include the overall meaning of the content and not stick to keywords alone. This will change the way you do SEO. Another change in SEO would be VOICE SEARCH. With the increased usage of voice search on devices without a screen, like Alexa or Google Home, can lead to your SEO going waste. If you’re the top result, only then will Alexa or Google Home use your link as answer to the search.

2. One channel won’t be enough:

When digital marketing began, people only thought about creating websites. From there we went on to creating Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter Accounts etc. Today, the expanse has broadened even further. In this vast ocean of choices, no one can stick to one channel for their digital marketing needs. Businesses need to extract the potential of as many channels possible. Today there are pop up ads on every game we play online, on every website we search, on every application we use. Today Pay per click and paid external advertising links are surging as well. Every business needs to make use of all the channels to keep their audience intact, aware and vigilant about their product/service. Today, every business is coming up with its own application. Therefore, the channels are increasing every day and businesses need to use multiple channels to see any growth and return on their digital marketing plans.

3. Blogging and Content will change:

Since, SEO has changed, content too will undergo a big change. 2019 is not about blog articles alone. Blogging and content will be an incorporation of images, videos, content, keywords and fresh meaning to all the content. There is a saturation of articles on the web. Search engines now choose the latest and freshly written links that offer a new perspective. If you do not update and constantly post new content, your website would knock off the top ranks. With new content pouring in everyday, search engines too will value content that is newly posted. So, it won’t be useful to upload a lot of content at once and forget about your web presence thereafter; you have to keep chasing your audience and keeping them hooked through new posts and content.

4. Use of Artificial Intelligence, voice search:

According to ComScore, in 2018, Out of every 5 adults, at least 2 adults used voice search once in a day. And moving to 2020, it is expected that 50% of all searches will be done through voice search.

What does this tell you?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are revolutionising the world of digital marketing. With voice search increasing, the implication is that you won’t see a whole page with 10 results. You will only be given the top result on the page as your answer to the voice search. This may be a sad reality, but it is nonetheless a dooming truth about voice search. Most vice searches will go to the top-ranking result alone for the search term. This will really impact digital marketing in a huge way.

5. Use of Chat bots:

Regular websites with no interaction are no more welcome. Every business needs to interact with the client and understand their needs even in the virtual world. With increasing use of chatbots, businesses are tapping into the potential customers more aggressively. If you do not use chatbots, your potential customer may be lost to competition where he gets the attention he likes. Chatbots are a way to interact and understand what the customer is looking for. This also is a huge tool for data collection and collection of customer insights.

6. Video and live videos marketing:

With the social media platforms increasing the potential of videos, we will see a significant rise in video marketing. With Facebook live, Instagram live, snapchat, and other video platforms, there is no limitation to marketing. Marketing online is no more about content, taglines or creative advertisements. Videos are making it huge in the digital marketing domain. With tutorials, live videos and screenings taking place online, you cannot stay behind and not tap this burning potential. Live streaming is really important for digital marketing, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. Both social media influencers and traditional influencers like as movie superstars, sports persons, and artists are using this channel aggressively. A live stream with a person interacting with you in the real world and where you can post live comments is highly lucrative in the digital marketing world in 2019.

7. Personalised marketing, personalised emails:

From marketing emails, the digital marketing world has now moved to personalized and customized emails with each user’s name and personal interests in it. This stirs the users to read the mail and captures their interests. It is no more about sending emails about all the products; digital marketing now, with the use of data science, has broken new ground to utilize customer insights to send them emails with their preferred products and services. Now, you will receive emails about the things you browsed the internet for and things in your cart in any shopping applications etc. such personalised marketing definitely ensures better results.

Overall, digital marketing is moving rapidly and growing everyday to incorporate new changes and developments for the betterment of marketing. Latest technology upgrades and developments will continue to impact digital marketing strategies and techniques. Therefore, every business needs to be vigilant, proactive and receptive to these changes and updates and utilise them to better their digital marketing game.


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