How Can Data Science Helps Businesses?

How Data Science helps businesses?

On taking a close look, we can observe that Data Science has had its origination since trade established itself in its present transactional form. Business itself has been incorporating data science ever since its inception. Studying customer behaviour and interpreting communication and promotion methods has been happening since ages now.

So, what has changed over the years?

As we are drawing ourselves towards a constantly evolving complex lifestyle, companies across the world are working towards providing real-time and methodical solutions which are intended to make our lives easy. But it’s not that easy. To work towards a solution, one needs structured data points which can highlight a problem and its various aspects in as much detail as possible. Sometimes business owners have to spend in thousands to find out these facts and still, they are unsure of the behavioural and analytical aspects of these findings. Data Science can channel these efforts properly and provide the much-needed answers to the organizations who are striving for delivering better products and services to their customers worldwide.

In today’s era of technology, using data to derive various new-age innovations, discoveries and researches, has been a key to numerous government as well as private sector business developments and expansion. Data Science, made possible by the generation of the enormous amount of data worldwide, is the discipline for devising a plethora of ways to store, analyse and interpret large amounts of multi-dimensional data. It has a notable impact on academics, healthcare and a range of business set-ups including government and non-government organizations.

Applied Advantages of Data Science

In business, the main goal is to earn profits by delivering satisfying goods and services to the customers. A wide range of data from the internet and other considerable sources opens new prospects for value creation and business intelligence for decision making in any organization. Data Science helps in processing large amount of data chunks through which organizations derive significant value and modern workable solutions catering to their respective market.

1. Business Intelligence

Data Science and business intelligence have now become two sides of one coin as they have become widely significant together. Rapid steaming of data needs to be organized and processed quickly from various sources to get desired results. Companies like IBM are using software like Hadoop (a result of Data Science) to sort large chunks of data and are effectively creating business intelligence by adding value.

2. Competitive edge
Data Science helps in generating new growth opportunities by optimization of business processes. This discipline helps in precisely reading the market trend and allows companies to devise their marketing, ‘product and services’-oriented strategies accordingly. This helps organizations maintain a sustainable competitive edge in the market as the scope of improvisation rises many folds. Basically, it helps businesses to revise their existing business models with time to adapt to the growing needs of the market and their target audience.

3. Risk Minimization

It is seen that Data Science allows higher transparency of the information. It provides organizations a deeper, broader and more precise insight of the existing trends and customer behaviour, which helps decision-making and simultaneously lowers the risk of loses. Communication and distribution of information within or outside an organization seems easy nowadays. Data Science has the ability to calculate some hidden risks by reading some hidden correlations. Thus, business risks are much better calculated and thus minimised as well.

4. Social Media

Correct analysis and utilization of data are imperative for companies. Social media is a powerful medium of all source of information as people around the globe engage in all kinds of communications or conversations including verbal and pictorial on these platforms. They display their personal and professional goals and interests in great detail on social media. This information is very crucial for many organizations, as it helps them understand their respective customers and latest market trends. Data Science talks about technologies that help companies process this data and extract meaning from it. With the help of this discipline, companies can have a peek in the customers’ mind-sets. Companies can devise their business policies and cater to their respective market by adding values in their services and products.

5. Speedy and cost-effective operations

Data Science has the capability to drive a revolutionary transformation in business marketing and invention. With the help of right technologies (Hadoop, Casandra, MapR and many more) and skills; organizations can have profitable results in no time. This discipline can speed up the operations and make precise decisions in a cost-effective manner. Many logistics companies like FedEx are matching their best delivery time with the help of Data Science. Aviation is another name which is doing wonders with the help of this discipline, as now they can predict flight delay and can control air traffic at the same time.

Data Science is here to fuel business growth and profits:

Data science is a boon for industries as it helps in generating quality as well as profit for many organizations. But the biggest challenge faced by business ventures are finding the right talent or professional expertise to cater to their needs of analysing data in their required form. Skills required by a data scientist are neither simple nor purely based on technology. Zeroing in on a competent data scientist who is a pro in the field of data mining, analysis, machine learning is quite difficult and expensive for many new ventures. Thus, emerges the growing market for data science professionals.


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