The best e-books on technical Searchin Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a
software that optimizes the web search engine in favor of your website. SEO
optimizes your website infrastructure so that it ranks higher in the search
results. SEO optimizes the search engine to increase your website visibility which will further increase your website traffic. Technical SEO refers to the technical process of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization
has become a prominent digital marketing method due to the cost-saving
and effective results it provides. The process of optimizing the search engine is very essential as each step should be effectively planned and executed.
E-books on technical SEO
The process of optimizing the search engine is essential for ensuring the success of the digital marketing of your website. There are numerous books and e-books available on the internet which will help you learn the methods and
process of doing SEO. Opting one among them might be a headache considering a large number of books available. Below are some useful e-
books which will help you understand each step and process of SEO after which you’ll be able to implement the technical SEO.

  1. Starter Guide
    Before you dive right into the middle of the vast dimension of search engine optimization, you might need a starter guide to construct a powerful approach towards technical SEO. Google is the most preferred search engine and is placed at the top when it comes to the best search engines. The
    Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is an e-book provided by Google

free of cost. This e-book deals with all the tips and tricks on the approaches towards search engine optimization for starters. If you are new to the world
of SEO and have a desire to understand its principles, then this e-book of 32
pages are the perfect guide for you to start.

  1. SEO 101
    SEO 101 is an e-book which will help you learn the basics of Search Engine
    . This e-book by Search Engine Journal will help you understand
    the history, principles, basics, and everything you need to know about
    Search Engine Optimization. This will be beneficial for the technical SEO as this e-book provides you with information regarding the principles and working of SEO. With 324 pages, this e-book covers every basic aspect of
    Search Engine Optimization which will further help you to learn technical
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Link Building
    Link building is a crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimization which cannot be ignored. Link building refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites on the internet and transfer them to your own website.
    Internet surfers use these hyperlinks to navigate between webpages. Search engines crawl around the web using these links. This e-book consists of all the techniques of link building. Link building helps your website gain an edge over other website competitors. Over 89 pages, The Beginner’s Guide to
    Link Building by Moz is perfect to understand the aspects of link building
    and learn to create SEO for your website.
  3. Illustrated Guide to Link Building
    After gaining the basic aspects of link building, it’s time to move on to the
    Illustrated Guide to Link Building. This e-book is provided by Search
    Engine Journal focuses on a detailed explanation of the core principles of

link building. The e-book of 69 pages consists of different methods to acquire high-quality links through apt integrated and complex technical strategies. Acquiring links through numerous web portals is a complex process as it requires deep knowledge about link building.

  1. Understanding SEO techniques
    Understanding the techniques of search engine optimization is essential for technical SEO. Understanding SEO Techniques is an e-book offered by Tone which is of mere 25 pages. Although the number of pages in this e-book is limited, the subject matter it covers isn’t. This e-book focuses on the five
    important aspects of Search Engine Optimization, which are keyword
    targeting, website improvements, social media integration, content
    creation, and quality link building.
  2. The past, present, and Future- SEO
    Over the years, Search Engine Optimization has witnessed numerous techniques and methodologies according to the time period. The techniques of Search Engine Optimization have changed according to the changes encountered in the technology. SEO- The past, present, and Future is an e-
    book by Hubspot which consists of all the techniques used for Search Engine
    Optimization in the past, present, and techniques which will be used in the future. This e-book of 22 pages consists of all the aspects of the evolution of
    Search Engine Optimization techniques.
  3. SEO by Experts
    Learning SEO from the experts is an e-book of 39 pages. This e-book consists
    of 6 chapters that cover all the important aspects of Search Engine
    Optimization. This e-book is written by HubSpot, Stryde, Distilled, and Moz,
    experts in Search Engine Optimization. Learning the aspects of Search

Engine Optimization from the professionals themselves will help you to gain a deep knowledge of technical Search Engine Optimization.
Search Engine Optimization is essential for your website to attract traffic. E-
books have emerged to be the saviors of the digital era providing answers to crucial questions at the tip of the finger. The above-mentioned e-books will help you gain requisite technical SEO knowledge and skills which will further enhance your website traffic and make you reach your technical goals.

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