Career in Digital Marketing for Engineering Graduates

Career in Digital Marketing

We live in a world which is driven by the internet.  The Internet has been a savior to many problems and has provided apt solutions. The Internet has given birth to many things that we live by today. Be it online shopping or online food delivery, the internet has been a boon to this generation and the coming generations.  Digital marketing is a modern wonder in the field of business. It is the hottest trend of the day. Digital Marketing has made the concept of marketing simpler and cost-saving. With billions of people available on the internet, it has become an effective platform for marketing. Anyone can be a part of this revolution which is a wise choice. Irrespective of your field of education, anyone can be a part of this digital era. If you are an engineer and looking for a career in digital marketing, you are in the right place.

Below are the reasons why an engineer should opt for digital marketing as a career: –

  1. Income:

The salary package in the field of digital marketing is exceptional. Income is the sole motive for every employee out there in the world. With starting packages as high as 15 lakh per annum, what more can an engineer ask for? Digital Marketing never goes out of trend considering the increase in the users of the internet. Digital marketing is something which will never fade in the future, as the internet is the future. So, a career in this field will not only let you build a fortune, but it also provides you job security. Every year, lakhs of engineers are produced and Digital Marketing is a field where the higher the number of people employed, the more efficient is the work. This provides the right opportunity for engineers to build a career in this field.

  1. Analytical Work:

It is a well-known fact that for an engineer, the spirit of life is intuition and data; and digital marketing is all about that. Digital marketing deals with a work lifestyle that involves the creation of marketing ideas, innovation, and creative thinking. It’s like moving along with intuition while using data as a compass to reach the goal. Engineers are trained for analytical work and digital marketing is full of analytical work. Prior to launching a new product into the digital market, a thorough analysis of the product and its customer base & tastes is crucial. Engineers can easily conduct the analysis report through the analytical skills they possess. A career in digital marketing would be something that an engineer would enjoy doing while earning a great amount of money.  Engineers would have to deal with analytical work which they are similar with as engineering itself teaches them how to handle and complete a task analytically.

  1. Sound Career:

Constructing a sound career is much more important than earning big bucks. A sound career is great in the long run. A career which lasts only for a short time is not worth no matter how much you earn from it. Digital Marketing provides you job security which ensures that you are never unemployed except for quitting voluntarily. The career growth prevailing in digital marketing is exponential. Digital marketing is a career option which you can shape as you wish. You can either shape it to a decent career and stop there or you can keep on building for great career growth. It’s up to you. You have only infinity stopping your career growth. There are unlimited career opportunities in the field of digital marketing.

  1. Work-Lifestyle:

Everybody would love to have a great work lifestyle. Too much stress would make the working environment difficult and would have a negative impact on a person’s mindset. Digital marketing offers an environment at work which is friendly and less stressful. The working hours in the career field of digital marketing are flexible and would give you enough time to invest in yourself. You can work at flexible hours of the day and spend quality time by yourself or with your family without any work pressure hovering over your head.

Career Opportunities in digital marketing:

Career opportunities in digital marketing are unlimited. The field of digital marketing is always on a boom and the demand for professionals in this field is increasing rapidly. Every business firm indulges itself in digital marketing with an aim to increase the brand awareness which thereby increases the sales and profit of the company. This line of work requires a lot of creative and innovative thinking skills which engineers already possess. Almost every company has a digital presence of its own which targets millions of consumers who are using the internet. This is the only reason why digital marketing has a wide scope of development considering the load of users that the internet has. Below are the career opportunities with the salary package offered on an average, that an engineer has from which one can opt:

  • Digital Marketing Manager; Salary Package: 6-7 lakhs per annum
  • Social Media Marketer; Salary Package: 5-6 lakhs per annum
  • Content Marketer; Salary Package: 4-5 lakhs per annum
  • Copywriter; Salary Package: 3-4 lakhs per annum

Finally, there are huge opportunities in the field of digital marketing for digital professional engineers in almost all industries. With digitalization and technology increasing at a rapid pace, the demand for skillful personnel is increasing consistently. Future-proof your career with a knowledge of digital marketing to enjoy a fast-paced and enjoyable career and a competitive salary.

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