What Are The Benefits of Doing Project Management Certification

Project management is a niche skill that has always been in demand due to the scale and complexity of projects being endeavored in this techno-industrial era. As global demand for project managers continues to grow at a rampant pace, PMP certification has become a necessity for those looking for job opportunities in this field of work. PMP certification i.e. project management professional is a course that delivers a certificate for professional management upon completion. It certifies the person who completed the course as a professional project manager who can handle any project with the help of the knowledge acquired through this course.

PMP has international recognition with great value around the globe. A PMP certificate speaks for itself in the managerial aspects in any given industry. As the level of complications in projects among organizations tends to increase, it is highly consequential for an organization to comply with the basics of Project Management in their everyday tasks. Project Management has evolved exceptionally according to the way companies work and perform their tasks. PMP is an internationally recognized certification provided by the Project Management Institute. This certification is provided in 210 countries across the world. There are numerous benefits and basic objectives provided by Project Management for higher efficiency in accomplishing projects which we will be discussing.

Benefits of PMP certification:

There are several benefits that PMP certification provides to the project managers. PMP certification has become essential for project managers to be seen as professional skillful project managers by the hiring companies. Along with the impartation of managerial skills and other essential skills, PMP also provides professional recognition and a hike in salary. Below are the benefits that can be enjoyed if you hold a PMP certificate:

1. Versatility

Whichever work field you are in, PMP certification has proven its worth in every known industry. It doesn’t matter if you are in telecom, finance, commerce, technology, research, etc. Project management will assist you in every field providing you a competitive edge over the others. The demand for PMP certified project manager is high in every industry, which means that you will be able to land into your interested field with ease.

2. Career opportunities

While Project Management experience is considered mandatory, the demand for PMP certified candidates over non certified candidates while hiring has been increasing drastically. The PMP certification establishes a mutual understanding amongst project managers and helps others also work within a common substructure. According to the latest projections conducted by PMI, the expanding market, and accelerating demand is going to stimulate the international growth of the project management profession. With growing needs, there is assurance that the demand for professionals will be high and constant. Employers are seeking for skilled professionals who can deliver specific skills that the businesses need to compete. The employers are 40% more likely to hire PMP certified professional managers to meet the need of new projects in the coming years. PMP certified individuals get 35% better job opportunities than non-certified candidates.

3. Skill enchancement

PMP course will improve your overall skill set. The skills that hiring companies look for in a project manager will be offered in this course. PMP course will help upgrade your project management skills drastically and will help you become an eligible professional project manager. The course will focus on every aspect of the project process with an aim to install maximum development in all areas of expertise. PMP course focuses on helping the candidates bring efficiency in the following courses; initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. Therefore, it will do wonders to the skills you already posses and add numerous new skills to your skill set.

4. Salary compensation

With PMP certification, project managers tend to get paid more than people without PMP certificates. According to PMI, project management credentials earn approximately 20% more than those without PMP certification. Although certification will provide you a major hike in your salary; additionally, your experience in the field will also be considered crucial. Experience when added with the certification will provide you a great salary package by hiring companies. While the certification will resemble the skills you possess, your experience will speak for itself.

5. International recognition

The best part of getting a PMP certificate is that it is internationally recognized and well received everywhere around the globe. Firms are always looking for employees with PMP certifications to bring aboard more professionalism in their projects. PMP certified project managers have a high demand given the professional managerial skills they have to offer. Employers today, look specifically for this PMP certification. PMP enables you to speak and understand the global language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations, and experts worldwide.

PMP is the most reputable project management certification. It offers huge benefits to both certification holders and their respective organizations that they work in. It is truly a global and industry independent certification whose reputation is increasing day by day. Every project management professional should try to get PMP certified so as so to reap its benefits.


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