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AWS Training in Hyderabad

Analytixpro offers AWS training in Hyderabad that’s in line with clearing the Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect exam. This AWS course is developed to give you a wholesome understand of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and its features / services such as EC2, AMI, EBS, VPC, and more. This course is aligned with the guidelines / format of the official Amazon certification exam. It is best suited for those looking to take up the Associate – Solutions Architect certification exam. In this course you learn how to design, implement, and scale AWS solutions in line with the best practices prescribed by Amazon. AWS certified solutions architects are in high demand and are commanding mean salaries of 9.6 LPA today. Begin your journey in this exciting field with Analytixpro and give your career a boost!

About AWS Course

AWS Course

Launched in 2006, Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS is the most popular and widely adopted cloud platform globally. AWS comprises more than 160 services including computing, storage, analytics, databases, mobile, networking, IoT, enterprise application etc. Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of, Inc.

Amazon Web Services customer base consists of most of the recognisable names in the public and private sector, including the fastest-growing start-ups and some of the biggest government agencies. Stamford, a Connecticut-based research firm reported that Amazon owns nearly half of the overall public-cloud infrastructure market (47.8%).

Cloud Computing course

Why AWS for Cloud?

Market share

AWS is the market leader with over 40% market share.​


AWS was started in 2006, 4 years earlier than its closest competitor Microsoft Azure


AWS offers more flexibility compared to any other cloud provider

Open source

More open to open source communities


Highly secure


AWS provides extensive support and integration for Linux


Pay-as-you-go, charged hourly. Cheaper scalability than competitors


26.8% year-on-year growth in 2018, reported by Gartner​​

Compute services

Industry leading compute services

Benefits of AWS Certification

Cloud is the Future of Business

Cloud is faster, smarter, better, and more robust than conventional storage and computing methods. Implement cloud to scale up your business without heavy integration or heavy maintenance. A fully capable service like Amazon Web Services can give you all the solutions on a single platform.

Career Prospects

By 2020, it is predicted that around 370,000 jobs in Amazon Web Services will be available around the world. The demand for AWS certified professionals is growing at a rapid rate. The Amazon Web Services market is expected to reach $236B by 2020, at 22 percent growth (CAGR).

Stand Out

The business world and the job market are quickly moving towards SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud). Therefore, a certification in these areas will make your resume get noticed and stand out. Amazon Web Services certifications are ideal for both young and experienced aspirants.

Reasonable and Affordable

Amazon provides a reasonable and practical career path. Amazon Web Services certifications are approachable and don’t require highly specialised expertise when you are starting off. That’s not to say that the certifications are easy, but the demands are relatively manageable. You can learn without quitting your job and balance your work-learn schedules easily. Also, the certification exam fee is around USD 150 (INR 10,000/- depending on exchange rate) so it is quite affordable as well compared to some other

AWS LinkedIn Community

When you successfully complete the certification, you become eligible to join the Amazon Web Services community on LinkedIn. It is needless to mention how much value this adds to your profile. You can connect with AWS certified community members worldwide and benefit from other perks like conference invites and other benefits. Being a part of this exclusive community also means that you are the first to receive updates, development etc from AWS. It also helps that when you successfully complete the certification, you receive a digital badge to display along with your profile.

AWS Course Curriculum

  • What is Cloud
  • Why Cloud
  • Types of Cloud Deployment Models
  • Types of Cloud Services
  • Future of Cloud Technologies
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud

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  • What is Amazon Web Services
  • How to Subscribe for Amazon Web services account
  • What is the Amazon WEb Services Free Usage Tier
  • AWS Certification
  • Introduction to the AWS management
  • Console
  • List of services given by AWS

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  • What is Amazon EC2
  • Features of Amazon EC2
  • Managing the EC2 infrastructure
  • EC2 Dashboard
  • Pricing for Amazon EC2

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Why Analytixpro for AWS?​

Systematic Learning

Master AWS the right way with our expert designed curriculum. We use a combination of hands-on assignments and take-home exercises to give you a real-time experience of the Amazon Web Services platform so that you get the bandwidth needed for learning. Get guidance from our expert tutors who have valuable industry experience to help you grow in this field.

Exam Preparation

We understand that most learners who enrol for the Amazon Web Services course wish to go on and get certified. We take this seriously. This course is as much about exam preparation as it is about learning. This includes getting tips on which guides to follow and what areas to focus on for exam practice and mock exams.

AWS exam preparation
AWS LMS training

Stay Connected

Your batch will have a WhatsApp group as well as a group on LMS. We use these platforms to ensure that all updates are shared promptly, and discussions are kept lively. Notes, PPTs, and other teaching material are shared on the LMS. We provide continued support, so you can get all the resources you need in one place.

Flexible Timings and Mode

We have flexible class timings available, so you can plan your lessons as per your convenience. Some popular timings are early morning, late evening, and weekends. We also offer both classroom as well as online study modes. Once again, you can choose the mode convenient to you.