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Free Digital Marketing Tools


We live in a world which is driven by the internet. The Internet has been a savior to many problems and has provided apt solutions. The Internet has given birth to many things that we live by today. Marketing is a fascinating field which offers numerous opportunities for growth. The technological advancement and the market together have offered a platform for Online Marketing Jobs. Technology has given birth to one of the most effective and cost-efficient methods of marketing.  Digital Marketing has been a boon to many business organizations as it has a very wide reach. Within minutes, digital marketing has the power to reach millions of customers available on the internet. Internet surfers are in millions and are in active circulation which provides the chance to market a brand. Marketing tools by the internet have made the job of digital marketers easy. Digital marketing tools have influenced and ensured smooth flow of digital marketing ever since digitalization has come to play.

Top 10 Free Digital Marketing Tools


Trello lets you work more collaboratively

Communication and interaction within an organization regarding the operations, deliverable, goals, and demands of the company can be met by this tool. The e-mail was vastly used for the purpose of Project Management in the past. As technology has changed, the methodologies have also been updated. The methodologies used to accomplish the dynamic and fast-paced tasks of digital marketing have been updated according to the needs of the world. Trello is one of among many free digital marketing tools available on the internet, for the purpose of easy project management. Along with free services, Trello also offers upgradeable features that are paid features. The basic service that the software provides includes the important and most essential core features which involve handling the project management and collaboration. Trello is a powerful software that will help you organize and plan digital marketing projects. The following are the features of Trello:

  • Easy organization of project tasks, to-do’s and deadlines.
  • Customizable task categorization or status tags and labels.
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Checklists with progress charts
  • Data filtering
  • Deadline reminders
  • Easy file/attachment uploads
  • Email notifications

2. Smylelytics

smylelytics is one of the top digital marketing tools in 2019

Smylelytics is a software that monitors software performance. This software will help you gauge the website traffic accumulated. It helps to track the visitors of your online website and will provide insights about how the website visitors interact with your site. Smylelytics will help you optimize the content of your website according to the needs and behavior of your website visitors. This software will send a bi-lateral monthly report of your website’s traffic data which will help you determine if your website is making any progress or not. Following are the data insights provided by the software:

  • Bounce rate, new visits, number of visits, pages per session, goal conversion rate and time on site.
  • Easy-to-read email reports provided twice a month.

3. Hubspot CRM

Best digital marketing tool to maintain leads

Maintaining a firm relationship with your customer is very crucial for the development and successful running of your website. Hubspot CRM will help you manage your relationship with your potential customers. From tracking your sales operations by keeping track of your customers, Hubspot CRM takes care of everything. Maintaining a positive relationship with your customers will be profitable for your website. Along with managing the business-customer relationship, Hubspot CRM will help you with:

  • Drag and drop communicator.
  • Extensive integration capabilities.
  • Prospect and customer database.
  • Email connections.

4. MailChimpBest digital marketing tool for sending emails

Email marketing is one of the most useful digital marketing tools that provides the highest return on investment. MailChimp maintains a preset list of emails of your customers which is further used to market your brand/ website. MailChimp is a powerful free digital marketing tool which is extremely cost-effective. MailChimp offers a forever free plan that is completely free for up to 2,000 list subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month. Following are the features of the software:

  • Easy-to-use email design and image upload functions.
  • Media storage.
  • Email design templates.
  • List management with easy segmenting options.
  • Sign-up forms.
  • Auto responders.
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Subscriber data based on engagement rates.
  • Optimal send time calculations.

5. Google Search Console

Improve search presence on google

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is used to influence the search engines for the benefit of your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of driving targeted website traffic into the desired website from search engines. It is the process of increasing visibility of a website to users surfing the internet. Google Search Console is a free Search Engine Optimization tool designed to track website traffic and audience behavior. It is a must-have for SEO marketers.

6. Hootsuite

Manage social media in one place

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry, and, with the introduction of social media platforms, social media marketers gain the biggest benefits. There are numerous free social media marketing tools which are cost-effective and time-saving. Hootsuite is a social media management tool. Its free trial plan gives you an option of three accounts to choose from. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are the options provided wherein 30 scheduled posts are allowed at a time. This will help you keep your website active among millions of social media users and will increase your brand name.

7. Grammarly

Proofreading your content before launching it for the purpose of content marketing is crucial and cannot be ignored. Grammatical errors often tend to occur and should be corrected before your website visitors notice them. Grammarly is a free tool available on the internet that helps its users proofread the content and correct the grammatical errors of the content. Basic grammar errors, Spelling errors, sentence structuring errors etc. are corrected by Grammarly.

8. Adroll

Grow your business. Boost your sales.

We all encounter advertisements that pop-up everywhere which are related to the recent search of a product. This is known as retargeting, where advertisements retarget the customer who had searched for their desired product. Adroll is such a software, which has over 35,000 advertisers. Retargeting your customers by Adroll is a cost-effective and impactful method that will help you increase your traffic.

9. Vimeo

best digital marketing tool

Digital marketing through videos has become a prominent method to attract customers considering the number of people who invest their time to watch videos. Millions of users search and watch videos which makes it a right platform for digital marketing. With over 35 million users, Vimeo is a popular platform that hosts high-definition videos. This is a platform where you can post videos that will create brand awareness and attract the viewers and make them your customers.

10. Canva

for creative designing

Content marketing has always been a popular method to market brand and products. Content creation is a challenge because it needs creativity and innovative ideas. Canva is a free, web-based design tool which can be used to create images which can further be used in the content creation process. Images are often found attractive in blogs and social media postings which can increase your potential customers. Canva allows you to design your social media campaign, brochures, posters, logos etc. which all contributes to your digital marketing agenda.


Apart from choosing free digital marketing tools, preparing a fool-proof digital marketing strategy is also important. Usage of these free tools will do wonders to your digital marketing campaign if planned for properly. These cost-effective and time saving digital marketing tools will help your digital marketing campaign and will ensure that your marketing strategy will be a success.

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